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What to do if your garage doors are not working

We know that garage doors are an essential part of any house. They are one of the entrances to your home and need to be working every day. Garage doors are huge mechanisms often used many times a day, and sometimes they show some problems working correctly.


If your garage doors are currently not working, you should contact a Garage door repair Homestead company as soon as possible to check them and fix them if needed. 


This article will discuss common garage door problems and what to do when they stop working. So, you already know what to do anytime this happens to you.


If your garage doors stop working, don’t panic. Instead, follow these tips to get them to work again.

1) Obstructed garage doors


An obstruction or object impeding their movement is one of the most common reasons for a stuck garage door. When you close the door and find that it doesn’t move, a common cause is an object that gets stuck under the door. 


How to fix this:

One of the most common things is removing objects that may have gotten stuck between the door and its frame. This can be something as small as a stack of papers that may fall to the floor or as large as a car blocking the door from closing. Usually, when small objects obstruct garage doors, you only need to find them and remove them.

2) Broken cables


Cables are the main moving parts of a garage door system. Garage door cables do the lifting work anytime you open your garage doors, and if you haven’t checked them or replaced them, it is normal for the cables to break.


They start at the spring, loop over the torsion arm, and then down to a trunnion attached to the floor. They are called brake cables because their job is to break when the door reaches its full travel. The cables have little rollers that run on tracks at both sides of the door.


How to fix this:

Did your cables break? A Garage door repair homestead company can easily repair that for you. You only need to replace them, and your garage doors will be ready to work as usual. We recommend not to change garage door cables by yourself since you need special equipment and knowledge, so to avoid injuries, let it be to the experts.

3) Weird noises:


Sometimes while operating your garage doors, you will hear noises from the mechanism. This mechanism is normal and makes noises every time you use them, but if you start to listen to noises that are not common, you may need some help to check them.


The problem may be serious if you notice this happening regularly or get louder. 


How to fix it:

If you think the noises might be due to a problem with the automatic garage door opener, then you may need to call a garage door repair Homestead that can check your system and fix any weird noises that your garage doors make.

How can I prevent these problems?


To prevent common problems, all you need is to lubricate your garage door, look for broken parts, and perform regular maintenance to avoid future problems. Here are some actions you can take to solve these problems quickly:


Repair them as soon as problems appear: as soon as you notice your garage doors are working, don’t let the time pass and fix it at the moment. By fixing garage door problems at the moment, you will avoid future problems.


Lubricate, clean, and maintain your garage door: when you notice that something is not working correctly on your garage door, make sure to lubricate it and keep it clean. A little maintenance once in a while will help provide the best work.


Stop using your garage door opener if it starts acting up: if your garage door is not working as usual or making weird noises stop using it. If you know something is wrong with your opener, stop using it until you have made an appointment with a Garage door repair homestead to check it.


Maintain your garage doors regularly: a garage door will give you the best performance if you take care of it. This includes changing the cables, the rollers, and drums as soon as worn out. A complex mechanism such as garage door openers need regular maintenance and checking to keep them working and extend their lifespan.


Look for a professional company: if you are unsure how to fix your garage doors or don’t have the time to do it, then look for a Garage door repair Homestead that can do the work for you. Check the company’s websites and contact them for more information.


The best is that if your garage door problems are serious, then call a company that will know what to do and how to fix them. Your garage doors are too important to set by yourself, so let professionals do it.


Remember that you often don’t need to replace all the parts or buy new garage doors. Most of the time, it is just a common issue that a professional can solve for you. 


All these common problems can easily be solved. Just look for expert help to change the defective parts if needed, and everything will work fine again. 


Garage doors can show many problems. Some are easy to fix, while others require more time and dedication. So, call Homestead to repair your garage doors.

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